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Today I had some fun with cows saying fortunes

Today I had some fun with cows saying fortunes. If you are not in the Linux world, it will seem like I’ve been smoking some strange Dalmatian herbs, but if you have played at all with Linux you’ll know this happy face:

/ You will be reincarnated as a toad; and \
\ you will be much happier.               /
       \ (__)
  / |    ||
 *  /\---/\
    ~~   ~~

Now, who said geeks don’t know how to have fun?

To make it less boring I made a little script to output short fortunes with random animals when I log on to my servers and here is the result. Go play with it, have a laugh every time you log into a server of yours. ;)

I leave you with this pearl of wisdom:

/ When in doubt, tell the truth. \
|                                |
\ -- Mark Twain                  /
   \ >()_
      (__)__ _
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