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Privilege Sep 9, 2018 I am not a courageous man, if anything, I’m the opposite. I can think of the one time in which I faced a bully directly and called him out. I was Humbling Sep 6, 2018 I had a humbling experience yesterday. I met a guy yesterday that started coding at age 12 and was producing payment systems for porn companies when Habits Sep 5, 2018 are a hard thing to accomplish, maybe even the hardest. When they are positive, like exercising every day, achieving them has terrific Frustration Sep 4, 2018 One thing schools do not teach you is how to deal with frustration. It is also something that is increasingly ignored by parents as well. We live in The miracle of the blank page Sep 2, 2018 Famous writers say that the biggest adversary they find is the blank page. I disagree. The biggest hurdle is to keep pushing when the storyline goes On being late Sep 1, 2018 One of the things I like about this waking up early experiment is the sensation of not being late. I was born late. The doctor pronounced that I Love is the base of it all Aug 31, 2018 Love is the only means I know by which we actively go against ourselves, hurting ourselves so others can be free/happy. It is the sentiment that is A letter to my dead grandfather Aug 30, 2018 Hello, “Mestre”, How is it going up there? I certainly hope that it’s better than down here. Down here populist movements are turning us back years Self imposed stress Aug 29, 2018 I have been “accused” of being negative. It kind of rare around here, since Portuguese people are not known to be the most positive people in the Rent the world Aug 28, 2018 Rent a house vs Buy a house. Rent/Lease a car vs Buy a car. These are probably decisions that you had to make at one point in your life. But what Start at 6:30 Aug 27, 2018 I’ve never been a morning person. Actually, I come from a lineage of not-morning people. (What do you call not-morning people? Laters? Evening How to get multiple domains pointing to GitHub Pages using Cloudflare May 12, 2017 I recently created a one-man-company to do IT Infrastructure consulting (I even got some cute business cards!). The name of the company is Curious My MySQL Cookbook Apr 9, 2017 Over the years I’ve been accumulating notes on how to do quick operations in a variety of technologies. These have been, up to now, for my eyes How to make Jekyll multilingual Apr 4, 2017 One of the few requirements that existed for this blog was to be multilingual. This is something that one can easily do with WordPress these days, Podcasts I listen to Mar 30, 2017 I was asked the other day by a friend going on a long trip which podcasts I listen to. I typically listen to them while running, but they’re all An ansible role for Anchor CMS Mar 30, 2017 How to install Anchor CMS How to write an ansible role ready for Ansible Galaxy In broad strokes, this is what we want to do: Update your system New blog, new life Mar 4, 2017 Welcome! This blog has had several iterations over the years. Most of its life was in a self hosted WordPress, a bit in Anchor, a bit in Ghost and How to deny hot linking from your AWS S3 files May 25, 2014 There are many good people in the web, but there are also those who are lazy and instead of creating content themselves or even hosting it, they S3/Cloudfront Access Denied May 20, 2014 So you finally listened the SEO guys who keep saying that the images on your website have to be fast and you decided to move them from your small Today I had some fun with cows saying fortunes May 18, 2014 If you are not in the Linux world, it will seem like I’ve been smoking some strange Dalmatian herbs Next page