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Finding my calm place

Yesterday C had to do some work and then had a date with a friend, so she took the car, and I stayed home.

I was having a weird day, so I sat down in our yet-to-be-couch and watched one of the Avengers movies which were on TV and then felt even more miserable for wasting my day away at home when it was a clear sky outside. So I decided to pick up my scooter and go for a drive.

I like going without a specific purpose or goal. The afternoon was beautiful and, having learned my lessons, I put on my hoodie and faux-leather jacket on to cut the cold wind derived from riding the scooter. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, so I could stretch the bike a little bit (up to a whopping 80 km/h). It felt great to feel the wind in my face and the freedom or riding a bike. I’ve had so many issues with the starter engine and battery since I bought the bike that it has always been a source of dread instead of pleasure. Well, not yesterday. The drive as great and I just kept on going until the road turned inwards and was no longer by the sea.

This place is very windy, but it’s also super beautiful! I passed the lighthouse, the oil refinery, some small beaches, beach condos and beach restaurants. When the road turned inwards, I decided to switch back and drove for a while. Until something called to me and I decided to leave the route to go into a parking area of a small restaurant which happened to have a small beach next to it. I walked down towards the beach, initially to take some pictures. Then I ended up sitting on a stone and taking it all in. The sun was starting to set. The algae washing up ashore and doing their back and forth dance. The sea was calmly caressing the beach stones. Even the seagulls were out on a small island and were not annoying like they usually are. What a gorgeous place. I sat, I thought. I wondered which beach this was (turns out the beach was called Blue). I watched a kid playing with her dog who was running on the beach back and forth. I saw the two go on the rocks. The kid was calling to her mother in a Slavic language. The mother was taking photos. A conversation between two older women underway. The lifeguard was doing her last shift of the season and packing up. It was perfect. It was my beach.

I then drove home, watched the finals of the WNBA and some Netflix series over dinner before taking our dog out and going to bed.

Part of me dislikes being alone, mainly eating. But the other part, the introvert part craves the alone time. It was good.

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