Advice to my unborn child: be a plumber and an artist

This is something I wish I was told from a younger age, so it’s an idea that I would like to give to my son or daughter when/if it comes. Be a plumber. Plumbers are always needed, from the poorest locations to the most expensive houses, there are always pipes that need to be setup, installed, modified, fixed, even unclogged. You don’t have to take this literally, you can be a plumber for an IT business by working on their infrastructure. Or be a plumber for a restaurant, dealing with their logistics or accounting. Plumbing is a way to work to systems to help other people. When you are a plumber, you will make enough money to live, so you can also become an artist. To me, an artist creates happiness through beauty and you can give that happiness to yourself and other by creating new things: books, paintings, installations, etc. At the time of writing, artistry is not well paid, maybe that will change as the plumbing jobs get taken over gradually by machines, so use your plumbing as a base and art as your top and you will do just fine.