Cooking – round 3

For round #3 I went with something from the East: Chickpeas, Cumin and Spinach Koftas with Tahini dressing. Carly said that it was a good day for a salad so she made a nice radish salad to go with it. Here is the result:   And Mr. Ramsay’s take on it:

Cooking – round 2

For round #2 I chose Mexican street food! Arriba!!! Actually no, Gordon Ramsay did and it looked like something I could make with my meager skills on a nice hot day + ever since I met Carly I love avocado. I present to you Spicy Black Beans with Feta and Avocado! Want the recipe? Here … (Read on…)

Cooking – round 1

During the month of April I dedicated myself to learning the black arts of cooking. Traditionally mastered only by grandmothers and fat chefs, it was about time for me to go past the “survival cooking” level. So I bought Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course book (don’t buy if you’re a beginner like me) and started … (Read on…)

Uber obrigada a fechar em Portugal

Os velhos do Restelo ganharam de novo e, em vez de modificar as regras para evoluir ou se juntarem à inovação, fizeram lobby para que tudo ficasse na mesma. Falo do Uber que já funciona em Portugal desde o ano passado e oferece um serviço de táxis de alta gama a baixo preço, tudo isto … (Read on…)

Updating WordPress: the insecure quick-and-dirty way

It’s a PAIN to update WordPress. It’s improved over the versions but still today, you need operating systems knowledge to make it happen. So, if all you need if an insecure, but quick way to update the WordPress plugins and themes of your website, here it is. cd /var/www/html/ chmod 777 . chown -R www-data … (Read on…)

8 useful ways to use the fantastic utility screen

Screen is a pretty useful utility in all unix/linux distributions. It allows you to start a long job and then detach and go home in the middle of it knowing that it will be done in the morning when you can check the output. To install screen you can do (depending on the OS) apt-get … (Read on…)

25 de Abril

Gostava de dizer feliz 25 de Abril. Mas não consigo. Não quando apesar de termos ganhado uma democracia está é consistentemente abusada pelos políticos que temos com má gestão, vistas curtas a 4 anos e alguma corrupção. Gostava de dizer feliz 25 de Abril, mas não o posso quando muitos dos jovens e adultos mais … (Read on…)