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Git: Choose Your Adventure Jan 20, 2020 Git is a mysterious beast. Out of the top 30 most voted questions on Stack Overflow, 10 of them are about git. So the obvious question is “What is Stop before you’re stopped Dec 8, 2019 We grew up being told to “give it your best”, “go above and beyond”, “the obstacle is the way”, “never give up”. And so Today I learned about git and permissions Aug 20, 2019 Today I learned that contains the permissions of the files committed to it, so when you commit a file that is executable on your machine, it will Today I learned about view Jul 22, 2019 Today I learned that has a alias, which opens in read-only mode. I will no more (pun intended)! I hope this helps My git flow Jul 13, 2019 I have yet to meet an engineer who does not like to optimise. We like solving puzzles, work with constraints and make science apply to real life. Using multiple versions of kubectl on macOS Jul 6, 2019 When you work with multiple clients, or maybe with one company that has clusters in different versions of Kubernetes, you need to have a Merging two MySQL (or MySQL compatible) databases in AWS using DMS Apr 18, 2019 Most projects don’t start out knowing exactly how their infrastructure will turn out. That is one of the reasons I like infrastructure-as-code, but Inspired Apr 18, 2019 Sometimes it’s easy to be inspired for me. I simply use the window of time in which I’ve allowed myself to not worry about the rest of the world and Recommendations for Portugal Mar 25, 2019 Carly and I are fortunate enough to know people from different parts of the World. Since Portugal and specifically Porto became famous in the God is dead (and we are suffering from it) Mar 25, 2019 Where once a social apparatus like the church was central, now individuals are lost in a sea of consumerism Age of Anger by Pankaj Mishra The idea Advice to my unborn child: be a plumber and an artist Feb 2, 2019 This is something I wish I was told from a younger age, so it’s an idea that I would like to give to my son or daughter when/if it comes. Be a On light and shadow Jan 23, 2019 Focus on the light emanating from the thing/person/system you are looking at. You don’t have to ignore the shadows, but by working to improve their You can usually do more/better than you think you can Jan 20, 2019 In the past 48h I: travelled to the other side of the planet (Portugal to Philippines) clocking over 16h of flights had strong diarrhea for the Upkeep Jan 19, 2019 One can measure the wealth of a place by two things: the quality of building materials and the upkeep/maintenance of what is built. The same goes Comparing myself to others Nov 10, 2018 Comparing to other causes stress, should I be doing it? My grandfather on my mother’s side taught me a lot. One of the nuggets he dropped at one Fear, Procrastination. Procrastination, Fear Oct 4, 2018 Fear has been filling the last few days. You know that feeling, which goes from slight unease that something is off, pass a big black empty hole Liberalism and a new system Sep 30, 2018 In the last couple of days, I listened to/read a bit about liberalism and it got me to thinking about a new system to replace it. I did not go out Chores Sep 24, 2018 As far back as I can remember I always attacked chores first and let the fun stuff for later. That way I could get the bad stuff out of the way and Finding my calm place Sep 17, 2018 Yesterday C had to do some work and then had a date with a friend, so she took the car, and I stayed home. I was having a weird day, so I sat down Turning 38 Sep 16, 2018 I am turning 38 in a few days. I don’t feel 38, but then again what does that feel like? For the last few years, I’ve used my birthday to be
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